Jazz Plate Preamps


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Common Features

  • Very transparent sound with great touch response - makes your bass sound better not just louder.
  • Complete drop in preamps mounted on a Jazz Plate.
  • Easy to install with no wood modifications - battery fits under the preamp - most often installed by players.
  • Tone controls in 3 configurations - 2 bands - 3 bands - 4 bands - each configuration is a different optimized circuit.
  • Simplified LED Battery Meter.
  • Offered in Chrome, Black or Gold knob sets.
  • Preamps normally ship from stock in 1 business day.


Deluxe Model Changes (side mounted jack models)

  • Passive Tone (high frequency roll off) added in 4th position.
  • Preamp is easy to connect to an existing battery box and will run on 9 or 18 volts.
  • May require a little soldering depending on how your body wires are routed to the output jack area.



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Jack on Plate or a Side Mounted Jack