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  • Price - the Jazz series is roughly 33% less expensive.
  • All Types of Pickups - only the Jazz is recommended for both passive and active pickups.
  • Pickup Level Adjustment - the Jazz offers 0-10 dB gain adjustment per pickup.



  • Flexibility - the Pro JZx series offers a broader range of sounds. The Z-Mode system allows your pickups to produce multiple tones - brighter - traditional - deeper.
  • Vol and Vol pickup mixing - the Pro JZx is offered in both Vol, Balance and Vol, Vol models.
  • Advanced LED Battery Meter - the Pro JZx includes a more advanced battery meter.


Common Features (Jack on Plate Versions):

  • Very transparent sound with great touch response - makes your bass sound better not just louder.
  • Complete drop in preamps mounted on a jazz plate.
  • Easy to install with no wood modifications - battery fits under the preamp - most often installed by players.
  • Tone controls in 3 configurations - 2 bands - 3 bands - 4 bands - each configuration is a different optimized circuit.
  • Offered in Chrome, Black or Gold knob sets.
  • Preamps normally ship from stock in 1 business day.



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Click on a J Plate Preamp series